Tianyi Luo is the Director of Aqueduct, a leading data provider offering a suite of open-access analytical tools on global water risks to corporations, investors, researchers, civil society groups, and governments. He directs Aqueduct data and tool development, and oversees advanced geospatial and statistical analyses for Aqueduct applications. Tianyi is also the Senior Data Advisor to WRI China where he leads and manages the WRI China Data Lab.

Tianyi has worked directly with dozens of multi-national companies on quantifying water risks and associated financial implications in value chain, as well as international development banks and aid agencies on assessing regional water security and physical climate risks. Besides corporate and national water risk assessment, Tianyi also leads the Water Program’s effort on the water-energy nexus, particularly for the power generation and unconventional gas sectors, and works across WRI’s Climate, Energy, Finance, and Economics programs and centers. His projects span across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Tianyi holds a M.S. degree in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from Tufts University, and a B.S. degree in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering from Hefei University of Technology.

Tianyi enjoys kayaking, swimming, skeet shooting, and painting in his spare time.