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International and China’s Experience on City Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Application of Inventory Results

This report is a joint research by the World Resources Institute and the Zhejiang Center for Climate Change and Low-Carbon Development Cooperation. It focuses on both city GHG inventory compilation and application. In compiling domestic and international experiences, this study aims to provide solutions for Chinese cities seeking to improve their GHG inventories and present successful cases on inventory application to emphasize the importance of data support in decision making process.

Executive Summary

The study summarizes experience in the compilation and application of city GHG inventories, discussing 1) the purpose and significance of city GHG inventories; 2) support systems for city GHG inventories, 3) content of city GHG inventories, 4) activity data collection, 5) tools for calculating emissions, and two problems based on existing experiences – calculation of transport emissions and emissions calculation at the county level. In application, this study considers the direction and need of domestic low-carbon development, focusing on four main areas 1) goal setting, 2) performance tracking, 3) low-carbon development roadmaps, and 4) emissions trading system (ETS) rules setting.

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