The study is part of WRI’s Sustainable Investment program, which aims to shift China’s domestic and overseas investment towards low-carbon and environmentally technologies and projects. Specifically, the winning consultant is expected to work with WRI and key stakeholders to develop possible ways for both China’s companies and its international counterparts to work together on overseas renewable energy investment by leveraging existing bilateral mechanisms on third-party market cooperation as well as commercial innovation.


Procurement Category: Project Implementation/ Assessment

Contract Type: Fixed Price

Place of Performance: China

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About the Promoting Third-Party Market Cooperation in Renewable Energy between China and its International Counterparts

The study on promoting third-party market cooperation in renewable energy is a key deliverable to WRI’s Sustainable Investment program. We cooperate with global and domestic think tanks to provide science-based analysis, best practices, and policy recommendations to key stakeholders with focus on promoting renewable energy investment, strengthening carbon evaluation of new investment and existing projects, and green finance.

On September 21, 2021, China announced that it will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad, and would step up support for other developing countries in developing green and low-carbon energy. This commitment drives China’s energy companies and financial institutions to explore more innovative and inclusive approaches to scaling up renewable energy investment given that the political and economic environment of developing countries may be more complex. Third-party market cooperation contributes to better implementation of the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration, and serves as a new model for cooperation among companies (including those in the financial sector) in China, in developed countries and in other BRI countries as well. The “triple-win” model can help China and its international counterparts bring together their comparative advantage in capital, technology and production capacity for better infrastructure development and higher living standards in third countries. Since China signed third-party market cooperation agreement with France in 2015, China has built partnerships to deepen economic cooperation in third-party markets with more than 14 countries, such as Japan, Spain and the UK. Positive outcomes have been achieved in the fields of energy, transportation, industry, public service and finance. However, a systematic analysis of expanding China’s overseas investment in renewable energy by using this model can be found nowhere. Therefore, the project is designed to mapping how China’s companies and major international business giants are involved in overseas renewable energy deployment, and further develop possible solutions for both China’s companies and its international counterparts to work together on increasing overseas renewable energy investment. Recommendations will also be provided to national authorities, financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders.