Join the 9th Stories to Watch (China) on 15 March understanding today’s most urgent stories worldwide and how we can change the narrative and shape a sustainable and more equitable path forward. 

The year of 2022 has arrived in the amidst of ongoing coronavirus and unabating climate change crisis. In a rapidly changing world with new events unfolding every day, which stories will have the biggest impact on the world and its people? How will sustainable development evolve? Will leaders turn ambitious promises into action? Will the transition be just enough to benefit all? With all these questions in mind, we must move forward regardless of challenges ahead, and the whole world must come together towards the same goal.

China takes a critical role in this narrative. How will China synergize national and subnational actors to support its 3060 targets? How will green finance stimulate the transition to cleaner energy? How should China participate in the global value chain and what stance should it take in global climate governance?

WRI China invites you to join our conversation with senior experts from both the government and the industry to look ahead from a China's persepctive.


  • Li Fang  Country Director, World Resources Institute (USA) Beijing Representative
  • Wee Kean Fong  Deputy Country Director, World Resources Institute (USA) Beijing Representative


  • Junfeng Li  Sequoia China Investment Partner, Dean of Sequoia Carbon Neutral Research Institute, The First Director of the National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Center 

  • Liying Zhang  Chief Expert of Expert Committee of China Electricity Council; Chairman of IEEE PES Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Satellite Committee – China

  • Frank Zhong  Deputy Director General & Chief Representative Beijing Office, World Steel Association 

  • Rebecca Ivey  Chief Representative Officer, China Office, World Economic Forum

  • Martin Raiser World Bank Country Director for China, Korea and Mongolia 

  • Dingding Tang  Senior Environment Advisor of AIIB, Former Chair of Compliance Review Panel of ADB 

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