Led by the achievement of China’s 30/60 targets, this project studies on the necessity and feasibility of carbon evaluation in the stages of planning, approval of construction projects, project implementation and operation, then summarizes implementation process of relevant management measures including energy conservation assessment, environmental impact assessment, and emission permit management, etc., explore the synergistic method of carbon evaluation and existing related mechanisms, and put forward policy recommendations and implementation plans to promote the implementation of China’s 30/60 targets with carbon evaluation as a crucial channel.  

Outcomes of this project will support the construction of management systems and technical systems (as below):  

  • Carbon evaluation brought into planning environmental impact assessment of industrial parks 

  • Carbon evaluation brought into environmental impact assessment of new projects 

  • Carbon evaluation brought into emission permit management 

  • Carbon evaluation brought into energy management evaluation 

  • Carbon evaluation brought into project-level ESG evaluation 

  • Carbon evaluation brought into other related management systems