Conference group

On June 7, the Conference on Corporate Sourcing of Renewables Day was held at the China National Convention Center to explore ways to increase the share of green power consumption and promote zero-carbon economic growth.

LI Fanrong, deputy head of the National Energy Administration said in his speech that encouraging renewable energy consumption is an important way to revolutionize energy production and consumption and promote green energy consumption. China is a member country of the Challenges of Corporate Sourcing of Renewables and has been following and actively working on renewable energy consumption under the framework of IRENA. ... We hope that more companies with advanced consumption ideas can take the lead in purchasing renewable power certificates and thus set up good examples to encourage green consumption.

Adnan Z Amin, Director-General of IRENA pointed out that corporate souring has become an increasingly important driving factor behind short-term renewable energy deployment. Renewable energy has become an energy option for more and more global leading companies. In the next decade, with continuous innovation, dramatic cost reduction, favorable framework design and policy support, global renewable energy will expand rapidly.

In order to remove barriers to renewable energy purchase and encourage corporate sourcing of renewables, delegates from the US State Department, the Mexican Ministry of Energy and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy joined business representatives from Google, Apple, Goldwind Science & Technology, Gree and other companies in discussions on a wide range of topics.

During the conference, the Green Power Consumption Cooperation Organization proposed by 10 agencies, namely, the Wind Industry Association of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society, China National Renewable Energy Center, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, Energy Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, World Resources Institute, World Wide Fund for Nature, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, China Renewable Energy Industry Association of the China Association of Circular Economy, and China General Certification Center, was officially launched. Chinese Olympic Gold Medalists in Figure Skating ZHAO Hongbo and SHEN Xue was invited to serve as image ambassadors of the organization. ZHAO Hongbo called on more companies and individuals to use green power and work together to make the sky blue and help Beijing meet its promise to host a green Winter Olympics in 2022.