Officials standing holding certificate

The World Resources Institute (WRI) obtained an official registration in China as a foreign NGO, as the certificate was issued by Beijing Public Security Bureau on Nov. 15th, 2017. With the registration, WRI will advance its work on environment and sustainability in China with a new legal status—Beijing Representative Office, under the guidance and support of the public security agency and the Ministry of Environmental Protection as supervisor.

Dr. LI Lailai said, “As WRI is entering its 10th year in China, the successful registration of the Beijing Representative Office shows the recognition received by WRI for its work in the past years and the importance attached by China to environmental protection. This is very meaningful for the organization and we are deeply grateful. Moving forward, we hope that we can continue counting on the support of our supervisor and the public security agency, carry out more projects in China and play a greater role in promoting environmental cooperation and exchanges between China and the rest of the world.”

Mr. ZHANG Penglin from Office of Overseas NGOs Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau expressed sincere congratulation. He said, “As public security administration agency, we deeply appreciate and fully support legal activities of overseas NGOs in China. WRI is a renowned international institute in environmental protection and sustainable development. We expect to further cooperate after the successful registration to push forward China’s philanthropy development.”

WRI is a global research organization that was established in June, 1982 in Washington, D.C. The science-based organization focuses on environmental and sustainability research and uses research results and tools to seek practical solutions to environmental protection, economic development and livelihood improvement. With nearly 700 staff and experts, WRI spans more than 50 countries, with national or regional offices in China, United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Europe and Africa. According to the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report released by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania, WRI was ranked as the top environmental think tank for three consecutive years since 2012, and secured the second place in global Energy and Resource Policy Think Tanks in 2013 and 2014.

Officials standing holding banner
 Photo: Ms. Victoria (Qinghong) Wang, Operations Manager of World Resources Institute (USA) Beijing Representative Office, joined Dr. LI Lailai to express sincere gratitude for Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau

In 2008, WRI opened its first international office in Beijing, China. It supported China’s national strategy on environmental protection and sustainable development in major areas including synergic control and prevention of air pollution, coordinated management of water quality, water ecology and water resources, green finance and capacity building of environmental governance. In recent years, China has scored remarkable achievement in rapid urbanization. While having delivered benefits to the people, urbanization has also exacerbated environmental problems. Cities have become major sources of environmental pollution and thus are high on the agenda for implementing China’s green development strategy. That explains why WRI has been focused on urban work in recent years in China and made an outstanding contribution by supporting Chinese cities in meeting sustainable development goals.

To tackle environmental issues requires cross-discipline research and cross-sector cooperation. This is WRI’s cornerstone principle. Our past achievements are inseparable from our close cooperation with domestic and foreign esteemed scholars and experts, governments, businesses, environmental organizations, media, and bilateral and multilateral development agencies. Looking forward, guided by the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Activities of Overseas NGOs within the Territory of China, WRI China will continue its cooperation with various parties, combine global resources with local experience, provide excellent analysis and research and promote ecological progress in China at the forefront of sustainable development.