The global transport sector faces ongoing challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic and increased urgency for climate action. But there are also new opportunities emerging to create transport systems that are better for people and the planet. Transport networks and services connect people and businesses around the world, but these systems are vulnerable to a broad range of climate change-induced hazards that are becoming more frequent and severe. In addition, the transport sector is a critical contributor to planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. In 2018, the transport sector contributed over 16% of global GHG emissions, with another 3% coming from bunker fuels used in aviation and maritime trade. Transport is also one of the fastest growing sectors in terms of GHG emissions, which are predicted to increase by as much as 60% by 2050 if no action is taken. Transforming Transportation 2022 will take post-COVID recovery and post-COP26 commitments as a starting point to reimagine transport. It is possible to build back better to make mobility more accessible, safe, green, and efficient for everyone. The event is scheduled for February 16-17 with a new “2+1” format: two days, along with a special session focused on the Asia-Pacific region timed specifically for audiences from the region. We are committed to utilizing the digital format to gather and engage with an even more diverse audience from across the globe and to offer more resources on pressing development issues related to sustainable transportation and mobility.