China pledged to take appropriate actions to maximize international investment and finance in support of the transition from carbon-intensive fossil fuel-based energy to green, low-carbon and renewable energy in developing countries. 

The greening of overseas investment, crucial to achieving that end, gives China a great opportunity to align its investment policy with the urgency of the climate crisis. China has the financial and technological tools, and now needs to use them fully.

We work with a global network of Chinese and International leading thinktanks and research institutes in renewable energy and green finance, among other fields. We aim to track China’s outbound financial flows and facilitate Chinese outward investment’s shift away from traditional energy, especially fossil fuels, towards renewable energy, helping facilitate China’s decarbonization transition with a vision to contribute to the global goal of sustainable growth and carbon neutrality. 

We envision three outcomes: 

  • Reduced Chinese overseas investment in fossil fuel power generation, particularly from State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), through more stringent regulatory frameworks and finance mandates. 
  • Prioritization by Chinese institutions of investments in renewable energy through enabling policy frameworks in China and scalable pilot projects overseas, including mandatory renewable quota in SOEs overseas investment, inclusion of low carbon in labelling criteria for Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones (OETZ) 
  • Better monitoring and course correction through reliable tracking through data on Chinese outward investment flows.