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More than one billion Chinese will live in cities by 2030, and around 20,000 small towns are significantly expanding. The future success of cities and the well-being of urban residents lie in the decisions that national leaders, local officials, developers and planners make today.

China stands at a critical juncture in its development. The traditional development model—resulting in escalating environmental costs and worsening structural imbalances—must be replaced by green growth thatminimizes the ecological footprint while improving quality of life for city dwellers.

WRI China develops and demonstrates solutions to facilitate a green urbanization path for Chinese cities. We work to create cities that are resource-efficient, low carbon and resilient, and compact and connected.

We create low-carbon blueprints, produce guidelines, and develop tools and key performance indicators to support development decisions and urban planning of Chinese cities. Through close cooperation with governments, enterprises, academics and communities, we provide policy recommendations and technical support for the development of clean, safe and healthy cities in China. And through our China Transport project, we work to scale up sustainable transport solutions.

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